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Frequently Asked Questions

Lease Marketplace only costs $99, unlike Lease Busters. Lease Busters charges upwards of $299 and doesn’t offer refunds.

Lease Marketplace is a cheaper alternative to Lease Busters. Additionally, Lease Marketplace is the fastest growing auto marketplace in Canada thats dedicated to lease transfers/takeovers.

Yes, listing on Lease Marketplace only costs $99.

Our Clients Say
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Wanted to get rid of my lease and didn't want to pay absurds amount of money to simply post my car on LeaseBusters. I posted my car on Lease Marketplace and lease was transferred within 2 weeks. Honestly I would recommend these guys to anyone who wants to quickly transfer their lease
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Lease Marketplace was a life saver. I was looking to transfer my lease and was having a hard time finding a free to use marketplace that was designed for leases, until I found this site. I would recommend these guys to anybody trying to transfer their lease.
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I usually don't leave reviews but I had to leave them a detailed review as these guys are awesome. Firstly, they don't charge you insanely high prices like lease busters or the other sites which is a big plus I would definitely recommend this site to anybody looking to transfer their lease.

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