How To Transfer Your Lease

Step By Step Guide On How To Transfer A Lease

Step 1

List Your Ad Online

Make sure you include all the important details such as the payments, term and buyout price. All this information should already be present on your leasing contract that was provided to you at the start of the Lease. If you are unable to find your contract, contact the dealership and they should be able to help you.

Step 2

Find A Buyer

Finding a buyer is the hardest part of a lease transfer, and our platform is here to make it easy. To ensure maximum visibility, make sure your ad looks great.  Once you find someone to takeover your lease, most of the work is completed.

Step 3

Fees And Credit Check

Dealerships charge a fee to transfer your lease to another buyer, the cost varies upon dealers and its best to call them directly to verify. The buyer “person taking over your lease” also needs to fill out a credit check so that he can get approved by the leasing company, usually this can be found on the dealership’s website.

Step 4

Transfer Your Lease

Yay! All your hard work has been paid off and you can finally transfer your lease. Once the buyer is approved by the leasing company, both you and the buyer meet at the dealership to sign some paperwork and complete the transfer. This usually happens in-person at the dealership and takes 15-30 minutes depending on how busy the dealership is.

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