Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequent Questions & Answers

How Do I Post My Listing?

Posting your listing is easy and straight forward, you can post your lease by clicking here

How Much Does It Cost?

Lease Marketplace has 4 affordable packages starting at $49.99*. 

How Do I Takeover A Lease?

Lease takeover is one of the most easiest and cost effective way of getting into a new car. One of the main requirements is to pass a credit check done, which is done at the dealership.

We provide a more in-depth look on lease takeover here 

Do I Need To Visit The Dealer?

Yes, you would need to visit the dealership for the actual transfer to take place as paperwork needs to be signed. However our website helps you with the toughest part which is finding someone willing to takeover your lease

Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes we offer full refunds if you get less then 5 leads in the duration of 60 days. You can find out more by clicking here 

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