2024 Genesis GV60

Starting from CAD $72,500

Vehicle Score 8.8/10
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The GV60 was Genesis’s first electric vehicle built on their dedicated Electric-Global Modular Platform. Although it isn’t the best seller in the Genesis lineup, the GV60 excels in areas where other competitors struggle. Its exterior design may be subjective, but the GV60 delivers what most buyers want from a luxury electric vehicle: plenty of tech, power, and, most importantly, comfort.


The GV60 offers two trims: the more affordable Advanced trim with a 234 kW drive motor and the pricier Performance trim with a 320 kW drive motor, which produces 360 kW and 516 lb-ft of torque in boost mode. The GV60 is a smooth and excellent daily driver, offering selectable settings for both the amount of deceleration from regenerative braking and the brake pedal feel for the regular friction brakes. With the strongest regen setting, you can almost eliminate the need to use the brake pedal.

We tested the Performance trim, and it took just 3.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h, living up to its name. Equipped with Michelin tires, it offers good handling and precise steering, enhancing its sporty feel and showcasing its impressive performance.

Interior & Comfort

The GV60’s cabin highlights Genesis’ strength in building luxurious interiors. The build quality and visual appeal set it apart from other competitors in its class. Genesis has truly excelled in this area, especially at night when the interior looks so inviting that it makes you want to go for a drive just to enjoy it.

The cabin isn’t that spacious due to the vehicle’s small size, but it doesn’t feel cramped either. The flat floor creates a spacious and open feel for the front and rear passengers. Getting in and out of the GV60 is also easy, though the sloping roofline can limit rear visibility. Fortunately, the backup and surround-view cameras help with maneuvering the vehicle in tight spaces.

Genesis has nailed the comfort experience in the GV60, especially considering its small size. The suspension delivers an impressively smooth ride. The GV60’s front seats are also well-cushioned and highly adjustable, adding to that comfort and making long drives comfortable.

The climate control settings are easy to use and come with heated and ventilated front seats for adding convenience. Rear vents are positioned in a unique spot, on the door sides, which provides better airflow to passengers than the typical center-mounted vents. The cabin is also well-insulated from road and wind noise at higher speeds.


Genesis knocked it out of the park with some of the tech on the GV70. Some of the impressive ones include the exterior face recognition camera and the fingerprint scanner that allows you to access your vehicle without the key. There’s also the digital smartphone key, which works well and fully removes the need for a physical key.

The GV60 has a modern cabin that comes with a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, which shares a panel with an identically sized 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster. The infotainment system has a great user interface that’s easy to navigate. Both screens are visually appealing, and the gauge cluster offers good customization options. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration come standard, adding to the already great infotainment system.

The driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist work well. The GV60 even allows for automatic lane changes with a flick of the turn signal, which makes for easier daily commutes.


Cargo space isn’t one of the GV60’s strengths, offering only 680L behind the second row and 1,550L with the rear seats folded down.

Storage for smaller items inside the cabin is good, and the flat floor allows for more space and accommodates larger items. However, there’s a potential drawback: the items may move around, posing an inconvenience for the driver.

Range & Charge

Navigating the GV60 lineup is pretty straightforward as there are only two trims, both offering a similar range. The advanced trim offers an impressive range of up to 399 km, while the more sport-orientated performance trim offers up to 378 km. During our testing of the performance trim, we covered close to 310km before the battery dropped below 10% and required a recharge.

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