2021 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300


The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLC is a compact luxury SUV that does not disappoint, thanks to its smooth ride, stylish design and plenty of power it’s one of the best compact luxury SUV on the market.


Our tester the GLC300 surprised us with its quick acceleration and power. In our test drive, it took around 5.9 seconds for the GLC300 to reach 100km/h.

The handling is another strong point. The steering feels light and responsive for driving around town.


The GLC definitely stands out technology wise thanks to the digital instrument cluster that looks gorgeous and makes the SUV feel modern and upscale.

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard. I tested both and didn’t experience any lag on either one of them. Both systems also had pretty quick boot times once plugged in.

The GLC also comes with a host of safety features, some of the main ones we like were adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and surround-view cameras.


The GLC has a pretty roomy interior thanks to how everything is positioned inside, and it doesn’t feel cramped unlike some of its competitors. The controls inside are easy to reach and getting in and out of the SUV is easy as well.

The interior feels upscale thanks to the digital instrument cluster and the materials used throughout the vehicle.


The SUV offers 19.4 cu ft of cargo volume behind the rear seats, however if more space is needed you can make it 56.5 by folding down the rear seats.


The GLC is an economical SUV, and you can expect to get 11.1 L/100km City and 8.6 L/100km Highway.

Lease or Pass

The Mercedes GLC is a good choice for a buyer that’s looking to get a luxury SUV that doesn’t break the bank. If you are looking to lease a budget luxury SUV that doesn’t break the bank, this should be high on your shopping list.

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