Top 5 Reliable Cars in Canada

Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision that can be difficult to make. Finding the right car is essential as you will be driving it most likely everyday for however long the contract is or until you decide to get rid of it. If you are on a budget you might want to consider looking for something that is affordable and reliable to save you from costly and timely repairs in the future. The market has tons of variety when it comes to finding something dependable that you can rely on. Below is a list of some of the best options of dependable automobiles, all of which are budget-friendly and reliable to ensure that you will be free of unnecessary hassles. 

1. 2019 Toyota Prius

Toyota is one of the highest-rated brands in terms of reliability. The vehicle comes with an electric motor which allows it to activate only when necessary. For the harsh Canadian winters, it helps put minds at ease knowing that the Prius AWD-e has the ability to handle itself. The car is spacious and comes with heated front seats– nice features for a reliable vehicle that will help keep your mind at ease. 

2. 2019 Hyundai Kona

The Kona is one of Hyundai’s most popular crossover SUV models in Canada. It is built out of the factory with a higher-strength SUPERSTRUCTURE chassis and has superior fuel economy. The Kona comes packed with plenty of safety features, but unfortunately, the starter Essential trim does not come with as many features. To obtain all of the safety technology, it is recommended to purchase the Luxury and Ultimate trims which will come with; Lane Keeping Assist, Forward Collision- Avoidance, Pedestrian Detection, and Reverse Parking Distance Warning. The vehicle comes with 60/40 split-fold seats to provide cargo space in the back. Regardless of the trim, you will receive Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is always a plus. 

3. 2019 Mazda MX-5

Every trim of the MX-5 comes with Mazda’s i- ACTIVSENSE safety features which include blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, smart city brake support, lane departure warning, and high beam control. The 4- cylinder engine provides this car better fuel efficiency than expected, especially for city driving, this will help make sure that your vehicle is not using up too much gas working to help you feel like you made the right choice. 

4. 2019 Subaru Crosstrek

 The Subaru Crosstrek offers solid mileage and great safety features. There is extra cargo room in the back and even more thanks to the 60/40 split rear seats– extra space is always appreciated! The Convenience and Touring trims are equipped with multiple safety features; Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist, Reverse Automatic Braking, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included. 

5. 2019 Kia Rio 5-Door

This small car is great for city driving as it is easy to maneuver and fit into tight parking spots! It is a great option if you are on a low budget as it still includes a good number of features for a low price. For its size, the Rio has a great amount of cargo space and legroom, and the 60/40 split rear seats expand the cargo space in the back even further. The vehicle’s Drive Wise safety tech includes Forward Collision Warning, which automatically applies the brakes if a frontal collision is anticipated. In addition, the Hill Assist Control helps keep the car in place when moving off an incline. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included as well.

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