4 Ways to Know its Time for a Car Upgrade

1. If Repairs or Maintenance Cost More than the Car is Worth

  • If you see your numbers adding up to the point where it will cost more for repairs than how much the actual car is worth, it’s a sign for you to get rid of the car
  • A pro-tip is to keep in mind that older vehicles tend to cost more for repairs than a newer car would, make sure to remember this if you are dealing with an older car

2. If you Have Already got Maintenance, How Long Will it Last?

  • It is important to know how long the maintenance will be useful for you. Is your vehicle going to keep running with the maintenance it has received? This can be hard to guess, try to have an honest talk with a trusted mechanic. 

3. Lifestyle Changes

  • You may find yourself in a new stage of life which might require a bigger vehicle- planning on starting a family?
  • Your current car might be unreliable but your commute to work has changed and is now more far 

4. Would you Consider your Vehicle Unreliable?

  • If you had to stop and think about this question, it’s probably a good idea to look into buying a new car as safety is the main priority 
  • You might be able to get away with some small and cheap repairs to fix any issues that make your car unsafe, however is the cost is too high it would be smarter to invest in a new vehicle instead 
  • Even if you think you can afford taking your car to get problems fixed frequently, remind yourself that the constant back and forth to the auto shop can become a hassle

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