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If you want to transfer your Lease, try this site. I wanted to get rid of my lease and Kijiji/AutoTrader weren't helping. I didn't want to pay absurds amount of money to simply post my car. I posted my car for free and got a lot of leads.

My lease was transferred within 2 weeks of me being on this site. Honestly I would recommend these guys to anyone who wants to quickly transfer their lease

Pros: Easy to Use and you get a lot of potential clients.
Cons: You do get spam leads time to time
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Lease Marketplace was a life saver. I was looking to transfer my lease and was having a hard time finding a free to use marketplace that was designed for leases, until I found this site. It was $0 to post my ad which was awesome and I got 10 different leads. Honestly I would recommend these guys to anybody trying to transfer their lease.

Disclosure purposes:
(I was asked to leave this review, however I have no problem in writing a good review as the service was amazing and I got my lease transferred without paying any money)
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I usually don't reviews but I had to leave them a detailed review as these guys are awesome. Firstly, they don't force you to pay which is awesome and their support team should win an award (their support agent helped me with the process more then the dealer).

I had initially listed my vehicle (2020 X5) for free, however I wasn't getting any emails. I then opted for the one package that they had, I think it was around $200 and found a buyer within a week.

I would definitely recommend this site to anybody looking to transfer their lease.
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This site is like an AutoTrader specifically made for lease transfers. I myself like other had problems transferring my lease. I found this site and within a few days found a buyer.

The great thing about this site is that its free to use. I am glad that something like this exists in Canada as the other sites seems to be charging an arm and a leg to simply post your vehicle (which is absurd)

I would have no problem recommending this site to my friends and family members.
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I was searching for a car when I came across this website. I wanted to do a lease takeover as its cheaper then signing for a new lease, however i wasn't able find any good deals on other sites until I found this website. It seems a lot of good deals get posted here because it's a free site and you don't have to pay. I found my perfect car and took over the lease

Note to the ceo: You guys need to work on getting your name out there. Not a lot of people know about this hidden gem when it comes to taking over leases (I never heard of your website before either).


Frequently Asked Questions

LeaseMarketplace is a designated marketplace for lease transfers and takeovers. You can either transfer your car lease, or takeover someone else’s car lease. 

Posting an ad on takes less then 5 minutes and is really straight forward. You can post your lease by visiting the “transfer your lease” page. Please ensure to have the following outlined in your ad:

  • The lease agreement
  • The lease payment
  • The lease term
  • The lease transfer fee
  • The months left
  • Any other incentives included such as free “winter tires”.

Lease takeover is one of the most easiest and fastest way of getting into a new car.  The main requirement to take over someones lease is to pass the credit check done by the finance company.

We provide a more in-depth look on lease takeover on our “How to takeover a lease” page.

Lease Marketplace is a completely free to use marketplace for both the seller and buyer. We do have paid packages, however it will cost you $0 to post an ad on our website.

Yes, you would need to visit the dealership for the actual transfer to take place as paperwork needs to be signed. However our website helps you with the toughest part which is finding someone willing to takeover your lease.

Yes, select plans come with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Find out more on our refund policy page.

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